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"My Elder bid me that I travel to Coerthas to hear all around me. …Tch, another argument is what that ended up being. As I’ve told him time and time again my ears are deaf to the sound of the elementals. I hear only the aether around me. It is impossible to defer what other sounds can be lingering.

I hear the wind that blows the snow, the running stream, and feel the earth beneath my feet. But what of it? I hear no whispers from them, simply the sounds. Although I am not as he…I feel comforted by these sounds.

They are alien to me. It’s almost soothing. I do not hear the fragmented primals bickering in the back of my head. I feel at peace. 

I place a hand through the bitter cold water. It numbs my hand and I simply listen to the sounds it gives off. In the distance I can hear the snow falling from the trees. I hear the wind blowing in another storm. 

This peace is something I’ve not had in sometime…

I’ve missed when my ears were deaf to the aether.”

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"Maybe the sands of time is actually a bag of Allagan detergent."

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Invisible Invader

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dunk your unweathered gear into a bag of blue sand just do it you piece of shit

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Quick dragon sketch for sharlayan because dragons are cuties and dragons and I possibly have a draconian addiction. 


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Reblogging again because Aidan is an awesome artist and il him. This is what Iieha really looks like ;w;

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Boss Battle; Iieha Kiltias

Out of fear and suffering has the young girl run off to escape from others. The Ishgardians have found her and ready themselves to end her life. She has taken the oath and gone mad by the blood of her people…

Battle Theme: Well I was thinking really hard but I feel like this fits best! :D

Move List:

Glacial Shield: Allows self to become immune to physical abilities until broken. (A sort of stoneskin. Destroyed upon casting any fire spell or fire trait ability.)

Freeze: Sending out a powerful breath attack, she will freeze one member of the party. Like petrify, lasts for a couple of seconds.

Blizzaga: Typical Ice spell. Casts heavy.

Frost Breath: AoE freeze attack that attacks all members. Can be avoided if you run behind her to avoid the attack.

Frostbite: DoT ice damage. Can be stacked and cause heavy overtime damage if not esuna’d.

Final Attack: Broken down into two:

Dispel Glamour: Finally in this state of rage does she dispel her glamour as a midlander and return to the form of an ice dragon. Done at about 30% health. She will have an ability called ice scales which begin to stack her attack power.

Bitter End: Devastating AoE that deals massive damage if under the effect of frostbite. Damage is weakened if no frostbite.

Redeemed: Not killed, but in her weakness return back to her state as a midlander Hyur. Thankfully House Fortemps come to the scene with an Ishgardian who had association with house Kiltias to stop the matter. She herself is fine but has no recollection of the battle when awoken. Time is bought to help her quickly make her escape.

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おうし座流星群活動中と聞いて by フェイオス

Love the little musical note next to “Meteo”. Also, this is papercut art!

Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for showing us your brushes!! I was also curious; do you use the same brush for your cutesy sketches? Thank you again for sharing ; v ; I also wanted to add.. you're ridiculously adorable!!!!

Oh no! That’s a different brush I actually use for sketching, but I use a variety of brushes for when I sketch depending on how I want to draw the picture @_@

(It’s also a brush tool)

But thank you so much! I normally don’t really show off my brushes since I got them from posts I’ve seen around tumblr :D;; so they’re not super special ;w; but aw thanks!!

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