When Llyrwyn was asked by one of his closest friends, Ad’yir Solarin, to start a new free company, he had his doubts. He had been quite comfortable staying with SiC—the free company that took him in along with his other friends when Nightcall disbanded. He was only a stray back then, but now he believes can push even more forward. And so he accepted Ad’yir’s offer in starting a new free company—Eidolon. 

Llyrwyn went back one last time to the SiC company house, a place that sheltered him for a long time. He solemnly walked around the silent house and looked at memorable furniture such as the fireplace and the tonberry lamp. If he remembers correctly, that lamp was something he gave around the time when the house was being renovated.

Some of the members stumbled upon Llyrwyn at the house and it became a very emotional situation. He will always remember Iieha Kiltias, A’shtola Oya, Historia White, and Daggoth Emberhowl—few of the senior members of SiC who have been there since Llyrwyn joined the free company. 

But all good things come to an end in order for a new chapter to unfold. He said his farewell and walked out of the house.  

Llyrwyn looked back at the door of the free company house one last time, and with a last sigh of deep breath, he closed his eyes, tucked on his heart, and moved on.

Thank you SiC.
I will always cherish our time together.

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First ST run with aatrox's Kraster and rahelauillces Rahela and it was pretty awesome. (It’s funny that a lot of the people I know on this game have tumblrs, even the people I didn’t know from tumblr.)Also I crit 1300+ on an adlo somehow that makes me happy though I realize it was probably because the tank had increased incoming healing or sth

I’m so mad all that booby trapping on the doors and so on means I can’t live in the crystal tower boo

Saw these adorable dancing girls ( sharlayan rahelauillces if either of you wants me to take this screenshot off the internet I will)

leveled gladiator to guildhest level oh my I am so bad at tanking

yellow baby is still waiting for his turn but I’ll probably wait until I resub  in december to play him more

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Ashy: https://40.media.tumblr.com/663af0cc26cab732a250c270b0376bae/tumblr_n9jpmbFQOS1r69paao1_500.jpg look at this
A'shtola: Is this Iieha and Punch sexting
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Even though I switched to the Maelstorm, Kan-E-Senna’s views is something Iieha really looks up to. This is the sort of peace she wishes was around in Ishgard :/ shame sadly

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Just read Kan-E-Senna’s calamity story. Holy shit. My heart aches. I love her so god damn much.

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Realizing after I napped the information about IIeha’s being durgon was told to him OOC by my friend. He shouldn’t have even known it IC and yet he applied what he was told OOC to it. He called us out on meta gaming but he??? DID IT HARDCORE???

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my FFXIV static

thanks y’all for dealing with me

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Silent black, the dawn, and time tells its tale

"And my blood spills across the white snow.
The pain my people feel, I feel sorrow for you.
Please forgive me.”

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When you roleplay, you need to understand the concept of in character action and consequence.

You choose to attack a character who is considered innocent when she has a support group? Expect the support group to attack you mercilessly. If you cannot deal, then please come to an understanding with the group before you do so, or just choose not to acknowledge the characters IC. 

Secondly, if you are going to portray your Job as overpowered to the point that it’s inaccurate, don’t be surprised when people get unhappy and react badly. People will then come to know your reputation and give up on roleplaying with you. Sorry, it’s a matter of fact, especially when you disregard their own experiences.