"What in the seven hells do you mean they’ve labeled my information as invalid!?" His hands slammed down with enough force to cause items to shift off their balance.

"They’ve given me no credit with what I am trying to tell them!" He exhaled sharply through his nose, trying to gain his composure again as he sat with a group who were apart of the Sons of Saint Coinach.

"Chevalier, you must understand. They’ve called it invalid because of the methods you use. You’ve claimed to hear and speak to the aether." Aegyl’s eyes lowered as his tail moved back and forth pensively. His ears shift backwards. "Unless you’ve gone to the students of Baldesion and had them prove what you say is true, no one will listen to your words."

He sighed and finally took a seat in a chair, crossing his arms behind his heads. “Doubtful that the Scions of the Seventh Dawn will even give me a listen as well. I’ve been trying to get into contact with them, but no avail. Heard tale they’re currently helping foreigners. I’ve not been able to reach Urianger. T’would have been nice to have him speak to the Baldesion in my steed.”

A male hyur had set down a folder and motioned to Aegyl to it. “From one of the heads.” Aegyl opened it and scanned the letter he got within. “It does little to reassure me that they have faith in what I say since the Maelstrom isn’t listening to a damn word. Lest I produce crystals and catch Sahagin red handed, they won’t do shit.” He threw the folder aside and rolled his eyes.

"…What was in the Aether spoke? I’ve heard tale of your odd ball methods," The hyur spoke as he sat down in a chair adjacent from the miqo’te. Aegyl shot his gaze quickly to him and flicked his ears back up.

"It speaks in a manner of volume. …I heard the flow of the tides, whispers of the wind that carries it, and the sounds of drowning. The sounds of the Primal itself sneaking through the aether." He looked out the window.

His thoughts were carried to his friends.

Eykrie…haven’t heard from the damn popoto sack in ages. Had no idea what he was even up to as of late. Wonder how the damned man is doing. Last I remember he was just taking up mundane tasks from the adventurers guild..

Aedida. Where the hells have you been? I haven’t heard from you in so damn long. …I know you’ve been busy with your own work, but you need to send a letter or anything. The two of us are worried sick.

"Chevalier. We’re to begin the meeting now. Have you calmed enough?"

Aegyl flicked his ears back again. “Aye. We’ll start.”

I don’t like what I’ve been picking up. I know he’s awoken and they’re doing nothing. Damn it all to Hell. I hope you’re not anywhere near the damned ocean. Both of you.

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"I still remember the day we met and the staff you wielded. The beauty of the design and how your powers flowed so easily through the tip of its horns. You told me it was a staff fit for our people. In both beauty and power.

…I went back to our training grounds and I found it there. Buried underneath all the stone. The gems shined out through the suns rays and I picked it up.

I feel as though our friendship was short lived. You took care of me until your last breath. I could never thank you enough for everything you’ve done.

I can only hope that my strength grows and I am strong enough to no longer fear my own power. When I told this staff, I feel you by my side. Still guiding me through my hardships…

Thank you, Master.”

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This def fits better as her “black magic relic” c:

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Oops down to 282 k on iieha Q__Q I am the worst at handling my money

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leviathan leviathan

Would go for leviathan but its gonna be a very long time before I get to extreme >: (also bought the blm one)

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Entry for hatching tide photo contest

torv oh gosh

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Trying to pick out a weapon for iieha IC that feels dravanian. Since I can’t get…a dragon rod I have two choices. The giantsgall cane or long staff 6__9 But I don’t know which fits better..

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raellan asked: Writing prompts you say? How about a first meeting between Aegyl and Iieha? (Not sure if you've written anything of the like before.)

"Iieha Kiltias." She said with a smile and soft voice.

Aegyl had heard about the girl through Grimmur. So this was the Dravanian he had been talking about. Or as he called her the ‘pup.’ It still struck Aegyl as odd that she had even been welcomed to the clan in the first place. Then again, they all were an odd bunch of misfits when it came down to it. With arms crossed, he leaned against the bar table and looked to her as she sat with her hands folded over one another and one leg over the other.

She seemed far to gentle to be a vicious dragon.

"So, I’ve heard you’ve taken initiative into welcoming others into the clan. Is this true?" His ears flicked back a bit as he listened to her speak. 

"Well of course…you wished for the clan to grow, right? So I try to grab people who seem like they’d help…" His ears flicked again.

She was so composed and proper in her manner of speech. That again struck him as odd considering her background.

"Iieha then. …A pleasure to finally meet the girl I’ve heard so much of. You’re quite interesting, my dear. I do hope you realize."

Iieha laughed lightly and looked down. “Well, it’s nice to finally meet the leader. I always have heard a lot about you but never got the chance to meet you.” She smiled lightly. “I hope I can do everything to help you out.”

Aegyl closed his eyes and nodded lightly. “And so you shall. Continue what you’ve been doing with us. You’ve friends and a home here. ….We will also be sure that we keep your identity a secret from the public eye.”

She closed her own eyes and smiled. “Thank you,” she whispered.

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I want to see a quest line linked to this place. Its so full of purpose.

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