Best ST run 10/10 would run again

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Feran backstory done woohoo!

Lazy cleaning, lazy drawing in basically all panels, but who cares ahahahaha

If it’s not lore-appropriate I can edit it but this will remain the basic drift. I tried but I’m bad at finding/remembering lore OTL

It’s not a bad backstory, really. He doesn’t think it’s bad at all, I mean fun times happened and he learned a lot. (Let’s just ignore the fact he killed lots of people.) And hey, his (real) parents aren’t dead! Also to clarify (forgot to add whoops) he’s 19 during the last couple pages. he went to limsa at 25, he’s 26 now. It took him 6 years to learn basic arcanima, but after that he learned a lot faster~

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oh no

chamo, the royal adder jester

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Keep my memories for me.

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Today, the frogs made me a throne.

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I went back to Silverflow.  The village is completely gone now.  No trace of it remains to tell that people once lived here, not even mom’s garden.  How silly, it’s been so long of course nothing would be here.  I don’t know what I was expecting to find.

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Sketch commission for Shofie Mahowyn!

I would have posted this yesterday if our power hadn’t kept flickering out…

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First anon:

I can honestly understand that. Looking back when I first made Iieha her concept was a MESS and a hell of a lot more mary-sue than it is now. I retcon and toned down so many things to make her character a lot more believable to a point. I’m really happy that I gave you the chance to at least play with her. What people need to understand is if you’re looking at a concept from glance, you shouldn’t judge it from there. It’s until you’ve personally done something with it then YES, that’s when you can judge how you see it. People don’t give a chance and only read.

Second anon:

I try my best to be friendly to people. I’m used to it honestly but regardless of that I shouldn’t EVER act malice to people and if there is a specific situation go on I also try to remain as neutral as I can especially if it doesn’t involve me in the slightest. I do struggle to speak with new people but that’s just who I am as a person. I open up more when I’ve talked to someone about it.

To both anons:

The fact that you’ve even said what you did regarding FF characters and heroine means I’ve done my job right. People who know me very well know I am a VERY huge fan of the entire ff franchise. Characters I took for Iieha’s inspiration were: Terra, Garnet, Yuna, Aerith, and Ovelia. Said characters are ones that have also received the very same negative responses within the fandom for certain circumstances, Aerith possibly being the worst. I drew a lot from what the characters struggled with to try and draw inspiration to Iieha to help her develop. I’ve had people tell me the exact thing the both of you have. 

I really appreciate the comments,

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fizzieferret asked: I'm not on your server and have no idea what went down, but isn't it funny how people label YOU as the bad guy just because you reacted to something someone else did wrong? And I'm so sick of people labelling support as "white knighting". I'm also finding the cowardly anon posters hilarious. I'd they really believed that what they were saying was justified then they would hide behind the anon option for a start.

The thing that’s bothering me the most is yes, I understand I ranted about it. I understand my friends made fun of the guy and I understand we were being mean about it. The topic was over and dealt with peacefully. I talked through him in tells and we came to the conclusion that our groups shouldn’t RP anymore. My friend said she just waved to the guy in Ul’Dah and he waved back. There is literally no malice anymore towards a subject that was solved days ago.

I just wish this isn’t the type of thing I’d seen sent at me for what I said. It happens, I suppose.

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